New release Super Lumsing® Most Compact Grand A1 Series Fit 10050 mAh Power Bank


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Lumsing Grand Series A1 Fit External Power Bank

The Lumsing Grand A1 Fit is a powerful, high-capacity portable charger packed with LG Li-ion cells enclosed in a solid aluminum case.

With its advanced Smart Charge Technology, the Grand A1 Fit adjusts its charge to match the capability of, and therefore prevent damage to, the device you are charging.

The Grand A1 Series has an exclusive design where the indicator pinholes are deliberately cut to be smaller than regular size to minimize light disturbance during charging.

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Product Description

  • SMART & FAST BATTERY CHARGER: Lumsing Smart Charging Technology maintains constant communication between the charger and the devices, and delivers the most suitable current (up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall) for optimum, high-speed charging.
  • HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY PACK: With a high-capacity of 10050mAh, it can charge an iPhone 6 four times, a Galaxy S6 three times, and an iPad Air almost once. Ideal for long travel and business trips.
  • POWERFUL & SOLID BUILD: The LG Grade-A cells ensure reliability and safety. Two layers of internal structure protect the batteries from damage due to being hit, dropped or crushed.
  • SMOOTH & STURDY MECHANICAL DESIGN: Assembled with a highly-polished aluminum case with no rough edges. To activate the LED flashlight, hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  • WARRANTY: CE FCC Certified and 18-month warranty.


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