“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

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Angry Pikachu

Imagine this, you’re walking down the street on your way to your PokemonGo date from and you’re super excited and you imagine your date will look like something an episode out of the Pokemon TV series, but there’s one big problem: your battery life is low. That feeling of crushing defeat can only be matched

life hack phone stand

Are you ready to be amazed? Do you want to organize your cords and electronics for less than 50¢ or possibly for free? I’m a huge fan of hacks. I normally create my own at home, because I’m too lazy and/or frugal and/or stubborn to just go buy whatever it is that I need. Recently, I

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The world of portable batteries has gotten rather crowded lately. Back in 2014, I vaguely remember hearing about power banks, but now there are companies that are built solely around this simple and useful technology. Kids, mothers, fathers, professors, and business professionals all whip out power banks and recharge on the go. Whatever we may

anker exploding battery danger1

Warning: Exploding Power Banks!

Thursday, 21 July 2016 by

BOOM! What was that noise!? You look around your apartment and you see a crater the size of a dinner plate where your $10 100,000mAh power bank from Singapore once sat. You begin to sweat. How will you explain this to your landlord? Sound familiar? We hope not. There are many legitimate companies riding the

cell phone addiction zombie

Where are those groans coming from? Are there zombies around? Look in the mirror. Is it you the smartphone zombie?! 1. Do you have a mysterious disease where you can’t look away from screens, especially small screens that fit in the palm of your hand? 2. Do you sometimes have no idea what is going

battery phone healty

If you’re a user of Android or Apple devices you probably know that they come equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are pretty reliable, but one important thing to note is that if you allow the batteries to fully discharge too often they become unstable, and they can explode like this one did. Ok, maybe

Did you know that...

When it comes to Power

Lumsing sold nearly 1,000,000,000mAh worth of charging power in 2015. That's enough power to charge over 500,000 iPhones 6S!

...and Lenght

In 2015 our customers bought enough cables to cover 5.2 miles! That's exactly enough to travel the distance of the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles 4 times!

...and Weight!

In the same year, Lumsing sold 40,000 pounds worth of power banks. That's more than the weight of 200 baby elephants!