“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

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♥High-precision Sensors:2 latest-version. Tempered glass platform and high precision sensors. Large 3.55*1.58 inch Large LCD display with Blue backlight. ♥Multi-Function: Accurately track your Body Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index(BMI), Body Water, Muscle Mass, Body Bone and Calorie. ♥10 User Body Measurements: The smart body scale can memorize up to 10 persons’ body measurements.

Fits for most of 10-42″ TVs up to 66lbs(30kg),fit VESA(mounting hole pattern) 75x75mm,100x100mm,100x200mm,200x200mm Low Profile mount retracts to 3.5″ to save space, Extends 17.7″ from the wall Tilt: 20 degrees Down/Forward;Total Rotation:90 degrees Right/Left Easy installation, installation manual and fitting screws and bolts included; Please check VESA (mounting hole pattern), stud spacing, possible blocked cable/input

We are all about technology and travel. From laptops to phones, cameras to Kindles, tablets to software. When space in your bag is limited, travel gear really has to work hard to justify its place on your packing list. They also need to be small, light, and genuinely useful. Something you’ll use frequently and that


Still trying to find the perfect Father’s Day gift? Check out our collection of tech gadgets every Father needs!   1. A Nice Pair Of Headphones Dads love music, whether it’s classic rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, or classical. Status Audio’s headphones sound excellent, and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. So who is Status Audio? Well, it’s


Don’t you just HATE it when your phone hits that 1% battery and you don’t have a charger on you? We’ve become so reliant on our phones to stay connected that it’s never good when we have no access to a plug or a charger and we find ourselves stuck. Luckily, Lumsing powerbanks are here


The new S8 and S8 Plus aren’t perfect, but they are damn close. Everything about these phones is better than ever before, from the design and the display to the performance. They might even be good enough to make you forget all about the Note 7 and its fiery batteries.   But there is one

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Have you got everything you need yet? The Nintendo Switch is only a few weeks away from being released, and it’s not enough to come home with the console. The Switch, unlike the Wii or Wii U, doesn’t come with much. So the question is If you have decided to spend $299.99 on the Nintendo


So we’re all already wondering when the next public holiday will be. With Easter falling late this year, April 16 vs. late March last year, for last-minute bookers and Easter weekend travelers, there’s still time to reserve a first-quarter getaway, this time that offers more than a spring break cliché. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said,


Technology is both a gift and a curse. It makes our lives easier and keeps us connected, but it also keeps us seated. Living a sedentary lifestyle can make you gain weight, lose important joint mobility and make you feel tired. So, if you love technology, consider embracing some FIT TECH so you can experience


Trying to imagine modern society without the use of batteries would be nearly impossible. In many ways, we live in a battery-driven society. Take a moment to consider how many of your household items use batteries – from cars to remote controls and hand-held devices, Battery Day is all about celebrating and recognising just how important the simple

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There are plenty of gift guides online ahead of Valentine’s Day, and they’ll probably be a lot more. We feel your pain of having to go through every list and still being unable to decide what to buy for your loved one. So we created a list with items that you can buy, but this


Did you know there’s a community of people out there that post and share pictures of the things they hold in their pockets? It’s called “Everyday Carry,” and it’s surprisingly cool. It’s a simple concept, but something that many people take pretty seriously. So much, that it has became a trending topic in Social Media. Maybe

Did you know that...

When it comes to Power

Lumsing sold nearly 1,000,000,000mAh worth of charging power in 2015. That's enough power to charge over 500,000 iPhones 6S!

...and Lenght

In 2015 our customers bought enough cables to cover 5.2 miles! That's exactly enough to travel the distance of the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles 4 times!

...and Weight!

In the same year, Lumsing sold 40,000 pounds worth of power banks. That's more than the weight of 200 baby elephants!