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Magazine Review
  • Inside is a Grade A Samsung lithium-ion cell specified at 10,400mAh, which should be good for 500 charges. The Lumsing Power Bank never got any more than warm in our tests, and Lumsing says it's been designed to avoid overcharging and short circuiting, overcurrent and overvoltage.
  • Upon opening the box and revealing the powerbank for the first time, I really was surprised on how well-made it was, with a premium feel to the powerbank. The brushed aluminium and shiny black plastic did go together very well. Admittedly this shiny plastic was a very bad fingerprint magnet, and upon showing it to friends and work colleagues they too were impressed with the feel/quality of the powerbank.

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"I was drawn to the design of this powerbank. It almost looks as if it is some sort of smartdevice itself. It came in a soft draw string bag and was packaged very well. It feels very comfortable in my hand. I have a Galaxy Note 5 and I had no trouble charging my phone. It charges adequately and I am very thankful to have it for emergencies."




"First Impressions-- WOW, I am impressed. The packaging is first rate and it looks very high end. Closer look--After unpacking the power bank I am impressed by the build quality. It looks and feels like a very high quality piece of equipment. It is attractive, solid, not too big but definitely not slim or small. It comes with a carrying bag and micro usb cable."
"-Great Size -Great color mix(Black and silver) -Two types of USP ports -Good LED in any light. -Great small bag for portable charger and usb cable -Great price for 10400 mAh -Charge any phone ~2-3 hours to full battery"




"This powerbank will serve you well, no doubt about it. I have been using this for well over two months now, and it is holding up great. It's made of plastic so it is pretty light, which is a plus. It is pretty durable and it has a pretty big capacity to weight ratio compared to other powerbanks.. This powerbank is a definite go."